My Story

It happened at summer camp of 2003; that was 10 years ago. My first year of middle school–that’s when I decided to put on my hijab. I remember my mom had traveled to Egypt that summer to visit her family, and when I went to pick her up from the airport with my dad, her jaws dropped in shock when she realized I had wrapped a scarf around my head to conceal my long hair from the rest of the world (well, except my family and females, that is). I was only ten years old and still just a little girl–my mom wondered how I could possibly be sure of making a life-changing decision at such a time. I remember her asking me “what made you decide to wear hijab?” and I said, “I saw all the rest of the older girls wearing it at camp, and I want to be just like them.” She looked at me and smiled and told me that if I ever changed my mind, that it would be okay. I didn’t change my mind though, because ten years later, I’m a junior in college and still wear my hijab with honor.

Well, that’s my story. A simple motivation and faith led me to wear my hijab. I try to dress fashionably yet with modesty and, honestly, there’s hundreds of ways a woman can wear her hijab. It is a matter of finding what is suitable for you. I’ve tried wrapping my scarf several times in different ways before I realized that one of the most simple ways is what suits me best. I take a square hijab and fold it into a triangle and wrap it around my head, and it only takes a few minutes. This style is referred to as the turkish-hijab .

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