Distinct styles

My friend once asked me if I feel different in every hijab I wear, and if each color brings out a different side of me. But it’s not so much the colors of my veil that do anything. It’s the style of my scarf along with the outfit I’m wearing that makes me feel different. Here are a few outfit choices that correspond with a hijab style.

Meet my friend, Israa. She is wearing a printed veil that compliments her casual, yet more formal outfit.



Oftentimes, people wonder how hijabis dress going to occasion. And I mean fancy occasions, like attending a wedding, engagement, or even prom. If I wasn’t a hijabi myself, I’d probably wonder the same thing. So to save those curious wonders, here is a fancier way of wearing hijab:

youya 2

Here are other less formal ways to dress your hijab. This is my friend, Islam (yes, that’s her name) , dressed in jeans and a tee. Isn’t it just amazing how we can match every outfit with a veil. I fell in love with her shirt. It reads: ” Love, Hope, Faith, Wish, Imagine, Trust, Give, Believe.” Stuff we all love to do.

hijab blog

This is just another casual way:

You can find a similar scarf here


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  1. eva626
    Apr 29, 2013 @ 05:23:40

    You Fasionista, you.


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