Q & A

Interview with graduate student, Lisa Jaradat. 

Q: What inspired you to start wearing hijab?

 A: My friend Sherry inspired me. One day she sat me down and told me that I was a good person and that I was doing a lot of good deeds but many were going to waste because I was like a candle that provides light for  others but burns itself. She told me to just try it for one day and I did. I never took it off since, I love it.
Islam advises its followers to have higher morals and values as compared to the degenerate levels of morality found in society today. As generations pass, it seems like our society is growing backwards. Cave men were barely clothed and strived to cover themselves with leaves. Now, civil humans are striving to be naked. So this is backwards. People who say hijab is something that is backwards or from the stone age or medieval, are wrong; it is an advancement for women and society. Modesty is progressive.
What inspired me to take this decision was to follow the Wajib. The simple question was why not ? Do I love my lord more than my hair? No. Why risk upsetting my lord and go against the Islamic teaching to simply fit in a society who truly will never accept me for who I am because women are objectified and characterized by looks. How could I advocate for Islam if I didn’t fit the description– being a hijabi, people know me for who I actually am; it’s empowering.
Q: How would you identify what hijab means to you?

A: Its my shield; this shield only reveals my heart & makes it visible to humans eyes.The hijab is my blessing and it’s the answer to my prayers.

Q: Was the transition difficult for you, especially because you started wearing it at an older age?

A: Of course it was difficult, it’s my hair.  I love my hair. Hair is the best accessory a lady has. I started wearing the hijab at 22 and I am 26 now. Had I waited longer, I probably would have never worn it. I got attached to my reflection in the mirror with my hair out. It may sound silly but I had to let go of the idea of my hair making me beautiful because it’s me who is beautiful. So, regardless of what I am wearing, my inner beauty always shines and is radiant because my glow comes from deep with in.

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