Feeling Like an Outcast

It’s not easy to be distinguished from the crowd… to be pointed out from the countless heads that roam the streets everyday and be labeled.You’d think I’ve become accustomed to the stares I get when I go in the subway or walk in the streets. But I’m not. I know that it’s human nature to stare at anything or  anyone that looks “out of the ordinary” or, rather, at someone who doesn’t follow the “dress code” or norms of their society. But here’s the thing. And I wish there were some other way I can explain this, but these are my own thoughts and not everyone has the same mentality. I feel like that the only reason why I feel “labeled” is because the way the media portrays Muslims. It’s the constant fear of being slandered by others because they think you belong to some crazy radical fundamentalist group who hates the rest of the world but their own kind. Every time some attack happens, and the “terrorist” hasn’t been identified, I immediately know that the social media is pointing fingers at “these damn Muslims”–there we are again, getting stereotyped and categorized. And, I can’t help but wonder if I’ll get stopped and searched by officers because it’s obvious from my hijab that I belong to a religious group. I know that America is infamous for its racial and religious profiling, but it’s sad to know that even though Muslim-Americans condemn any kind of terrorist attacks in the name of Islam and try to help the government fight against terrorism, we are still indiscriminately bashed and suspiciously stared at for “looking Muslim.” I hate that feeling of alienation and I wish more people would understand that racial profiling someone isn’t the answer–rather, it’s the behavioral cues and criminal evidence that should lead to the profiling.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. tajaw
    Apr 18, 2013 @ 03:28:53

    So true, its sad that you and others have to constantly feel this way. On the way home a man was conversing with his friend that during the Boston attack a Saudi Arabian man was injured. Once taken to the hospital officials ransacked his apartment and interrogated his roommate for 6 hours to determine that this was pure incidental and the injured man had nothing to do with the Boston incident. Though they chose him due to ethnicity.


  2. inspiredhijabi
    Apr 18, 2013 @ 04:05:43

    I know! It upsets me sometimes that this is what we’ve come to…almost living in terror at all times 😦


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