The Myths Contaminating This World

“So, are all ‘your kind’ forced into marriages?” My God, the misinterpretation that people take for Islam–culture and religion are completely different from each other. I’ve been asked this question so many times because people assume that hijabies are forced into marriage, which is completely against the teachings of Islam. Sometimes, people fail to recognize the difference between forced marriage and Islam’s teachings of marriage. Let me put it plainly for those who don’t know… a Muslim woman is allowed to either deny or accept a man’s marriage proposal to her, and vice versa for the man. Yes, that means that a Muslim women is allowed to propose to a man as well. That also means that both the man and the woman are able to CHOOSE the person they plan to spend the rest of their eternity with.

“Did your family force you to wear that (hijab)?”
Islam is not a religion of compulsion, so, no, I was not at all forced to wear hijab; it was my decision as I mentioned in my previous post. While a woman may be encouraged, it is never okay to force her to wear hijab; she should be able to make that decision for the sake of Allah. Besides, forcing someone to do something will only make them hate it more. This story is a perfect example of what I mean.

“Are you guys allowed to talk to guys?” OMG, seriously? if you are wondering…no, we are not to be shielded from the world of men. We can talk to them just like any normal being–that is, with respect, because we expect the same respect back.  So don’t mistake a women’s want for respect for “dude, she’s not allowed to talk to guys.”

“So do you work with your degree? Or are you forced to be a stay-at-home mom?” This question really gets me. I work so hard for my education and plan on following my career, so when people ask questions like that, I feel like firing up–but I don’t. Again, people just mistake culture for Islam. These cultural norms adopted in the Middle East are not related to what Islam advocates. According to Islam, a women is permitted to work if she wants, but she cannot be forced to work to support financially for the house. She has the right to work and not work–it’s entirely up to her.


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