Printed Hijab – Business Casual

I paired the same printed hijab with a white collared blouse and a black
blazer for an edgy sophisticated look.Printed Hijab - Business Casual
Printed Hijab – Business Casual  featuring harem pants

Mango shirt

Lanvin wool blazer
$2,770 –

Bardot harem pants
$73 –

H M ballet flat
$23 –

Chanel watch
$2,795 –

Ben Amun gold necklace

Printed Hijab – Night Out

Who said you can’t get creative and mix and match your outfits while wearing
hijab?! Here’s a quick post to show how you can wear this printed leopard scarf
two different ways, while still maintaining a modest look:

Printed Hijab - Night Out

Printed Hijab – Night Out 

$88 –

$68 –

Chanel bag
 I paired a red blazer with a long black sleek dress to bring out the
leopard scarf and heels for a girls night out.




My very first outfit post!

This is usually how I dress on a daily basis: jeans, shirt/blouse, jacket, boots, and ,of course, a hijab. I don’t often wear my hijab like that unless I’m just throwing it on like a shawl (my lazy days). I actually got this navy blue Chanel hijab as a gift from Egypt, and I fell in love with the material! It’s super soft, but I can’t figure out the exact material of it because it’s written in scripted Arabic (I can read Arabic, but the writing is super small and I can’t exactly see what is says). I think it feels kind of like rayon material.

So, I looked all over the internet to try and find what I’m wearing here, and I couldn’t find the exact items but found very similar styles:

1- Jessica Simpson trench coat; it’s really light and good for Spring.

2- Navy blue Matelot skinny jeans.

3- Slip-on mid-calf beige boot.

4- Bow Blouse.


Everyday Hijabi

This piece of cloth on my head always attracts people’s attention. It’s always noticed in the crowd. So, I try to dress in a fashionable manner. I don’t often wear printed hijabs because I like wearing my scarf plain and simple. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t try to incorporate everyday style with it.

I wear different colored hijabs. In the summer, I usually wear brighter colors, and in the winter, I often wear neutral colors.

Neutral Hijabs :

IMG_0007 IMG_0052IMG_1060

Bright Hijabs:yoyo and iIMG_0489

My hijab doesn’t prevent me or limit me from doing things I want to do. We are still able to go on cruises, jet-ski, sky dive, and parasail. 34184_10150208939240254_865090253_13608547_3601729_nIMG_0521parasail

Does this look like oppression to you?

Distinct styles

My friend once asked me if I feel different in every hijab I wear, and if each color brings out a different side of me. But it’s not so much the colors of my veil that do anything. It’s the style of my scarf along with the outfit I’m wearing that makes me feel different. Here are a few outfit choices that correspond with a hijab style.

Meet my friend, Israa. She is wearing a printed veil that compliments her casual, yet more formal outfit.



Oftentimes, people wonder how hijabis dress going to occasion. And I mean fancy occasions, like attending a wedding, engagement, or even prom. If I wasn’t a hijabi myself, I’d probably wonder the same thing. So to save those curious wonders, here is a fancier way of wearing hijab:

youya 2

Here are other less formal ways to dress your hijab. This is my friend, Islam (yes, that’s her name) , dressed in jeans and a tee. Isn’t it just amazing how we can match every outfit with a veil. I fell in love with her shirt. It reads: ” Love, Hope, Faith, Wish, Imagine, Trust, Give, Believe.” Stuff we all love to do.

hijab blog

This is just another casual way:

You can find a similar scarf here


Simplest casual ways.

Here’s how I wrap my hijab. It takes a few very simple steps.
These are the items you need: a square hijab, safety pin, and straight pins.

1) Take the square hijab and fold it in half to form a triangle

2) When you put the hijab on your head, make your left side hijab the longer side and pin the two sides under your chin with a safety pin.

3) Take the longer side that’s left hanging and wrap it entirely around your head like this.

4) Make sure you pin the long piece you just wrapped to the side so your hijab can stay in place.
The final look should look something like this.IMG_0304

If you don’t wear hijab, you can simply wear it like this .

Here’s another very simple way to wrap the hijab around.

This is what you need to wrap the hijab: a rectangular hijab and straight pins.

1) Take the rectangular hijab and place it on your head

2) Make sure that one side is longer than the other.

3) Take the longer piece and wrap it around the other side of your head and pin it down.

The end result of this hijab style looks something like this. IMG_0351

Here’s a video showing a very similar way to wear this long rectangular hijab style.

I hope this was helpful!

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