Different Hijabs Form Different Face Shapes

This is a voile light blue Turkish hijab folded into a triangle and wrapped as I’ve mentioned before. If you have a round face with rounded cheeks, you want this hijab style because it narrows the face and creates a more oval/heart shaped face.

photo (8)


This is a red and black designed rectangular shawl wrapped around twice. If you have more of a square face shape, you should try wearing a shawl to soften your features; the designs on the hijab and the style its wrapped in form a rounder face.

photo (7)

This is a pink and black sheer beaded hijab with waves at the tip. If you’ve got a long face, avoid using Turkish hijab styles because they narrow your face and, instead, you can shorten your face with an under cap and chose a scarf that will show more of your cheeks.


Hijabi Styles

Features different hijabi styles for both everyday wear and special occasion.
You can find a variety of hijabs here:
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Shawl- http://hijab411.com/multi-ruffle-shawl-hijab-p-1140.html


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